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How To Get Your ROKU To Work At The Hotel WIFI Without Hardware

Ok you’ve got your ROKU unpacked and its connected to the hotel TV but somehow you can’t get your ROKU to connect to your hotel’s WIFI. Its already too late to order a HOOTOO Router that I mentioned in a previous post. Even if you ordered it might not arrive until after your vacation. So what do you do?

There is a solution I discovered. It’s called Connectify and if you have a Windows PC it turns your laptop into a virtual router so that you can connect your ROKU to your laptop and have it work through the hotel network!

You can download Hot Spot Pro for a limited time. I have a coupon offer for 75% off which means you can get it for  $8.75 . You can download Hot Spot Pro from Connectify.

I’m going to update this post in a little bit and walk you through how to use the software. For this price its a no brainer especially if you’re stuck at the hotel without a HOOTOO router in your pocket.