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How To Get Your ROKU To Work At The Hotel WIFI Without Hardware

Ok you’ve got your ROKU unpacked and its connected to the hotel TV but somehow you can’t get your ROKU to connect to your hotel’s WIFI. Its already too late to order a HOOTOO Router that I mentioned in a previous post. Even if you ordered it might not arrive until after your vacation. So what do you do?

There is a solution I discovered. It’s called Connectify and if you have a Windows PC it turns your laptop into a virtual router so that you can connect your ROKU to your laptop and have it work through the hotel network!

You can download Hot Spot Pro for a limited time. I have a coupon offer for 75% off which means you can get it for  $8.75 . You can download Hot Spot Pro from Connectify.

I’m going to update this post in a little bit and walk you through how to use the software. For this price its a no brainer especially if you’re stuck at the hotel without a HOOTOO router in your pocket.

Cut Cable: How to Build A Powerful HD Antenna for About 10 Bucks

Have you ever wanted to eliminate your TV cable bill? You can when you build this low cost HDTV antenna. Believe it or not the HD Just-Cut-the-Cordreception over the air is better than cable since broadcasters switched to all digital formats. The cable companies have you believe that you have to spend $50 per month just to pick up the local stations.

I cut the cord two years ago and I haven’t looked back. I live here in the OC so most of the stations in my area are located  40-50 miles away so the antenna has to be pretty sensitive to pick these signals. When I started exploring this, most of the antennas I looked at cost over $90. I bought one of these but sadly I was disappointed with the signal quality with many of the stations dropping out. I’ll show you step by step how  I built one that picks up all the stations and costs less than $10 to build. Continue reading Cut Cable: How to Build A Powerful HD Antenna for About 10 Bucks

5 Reasons Why Attorneys Should Switch To WordPress

I decided to write this post because one of the attorneys at my school approached me to update her website. It was hard coded mess with some old html and it was pretty bad looking. As a favor I said I would update her old website to WordPress.


When I spoke to my client I explained the benefits of updating the site to WordPress. Here are a couple of things I explained to her.

1.Ease of Updating

If you have a hard coded site you can’t really make changes to it until you ask a developer to do it. With WordPress you don’t need an HTML expert or coder to make changes. All you need is a web browser to add and edit pages to your site.

This makes it easy for you to add attorneys to your website or add new practice areas.

2. Blogging

WordPress is a great blogging tool. As an attorney you can setup your WordPress blog easily.  Having a blog allows you to keep your clients up to date on case law and it builds credibility.

3. Hundreds of Themes Available

There are thousands of themes or designs available that can benefit your practice.

WordPress allows a law firm to benefit from improvements in themes and plug-ins to bring potential clients to the site. As WordPress improves the more your practice benefits.

4. Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is SEO friendly. It makes it easy for you to rank well on the search engines. Its built in from the ground up. With additional plugins you can rank even better.

5. Mobile and Tablet Ready

Many of the themes built around WordPress are mobile and tablet “responsive.” That means when a user loads your website on a tablet or phone it will render properly so that the experience is better.

How To Convert Your Law Practice To WordPress

I’ll show you step by step how I converted this law practice website over.

1. List all of the old files. If you have access to your clients site you can do it through sftp or if you don’t go to google and type:

There are three elements to retrieve for each page.

Title Tag, Description meta tag and content page.

You can extract this for each page and put it in a text editor.



The first thing I did was access the 10 pages she had on the site and pasted them into new pages on the WordPress site. I chose to 301 redirect the old pages to the new pages but I could have easily kept the file extensions buy just updating the permalinks page.

Essential Theme

I chose the Genesis Theme and selected a child them that she liked and I started customizing it.


If you are running any site with WordPress you need some plug-ins that are essential. Specifically I’m recommending three here that an attorney should have.

1. Pretty Good Security

This is essential if you’re running a wordpress site. It features 5 things that you need.

a. Hiding login pages- Many bots are searching sites to find

b. backup – the site mails to you on a schedule the complete back up the site so the site can always be restored.


Moving My Sites from Godaddy to Hostgator

The downside about having so many sites, up to 22 right now is you have them spread over so many hosts. Keeping some sites on their own C block addresses are helpful to add links to my other sites in my network. However the big problems is you have to deal with so many different hosting panels or cpanels.

So this week I single handedly moved 14 sites over to Hostgator which I just love for the fact that I can have an unlimited number of domains and a large number of databases. Plus some of my sites where coded up in hard HTML and I really wanted to port them over to wordpress.

I was spending about $65 per month to host come sites on Godaddy through a number of plans and I just got tired of having to keep track of them all. As of now I have these sites on two business hosting accounts that I can add more sites as I grow. The other benefit hostgator uses a slick cpanel interface making it a snap to run my business.

I still hold my domains at Godaddy but I just had too many hassles at Godaddy for hosting.


Since most of my sites where hard coded years ago in HTML I switched everything over to WordPress so that it makes it easier to manage my content on all the pages. The only thing I had to do was to redirect the old pages to the new wordpress pages.  I use what is called a 301 redirect which tells google and other search engines that the page has moved permantely to the new wordpress page. It’s done through the .htaccess file located in the root of the your site. Once you do that then you can efficiently add more content to your site without the hassle of modifying pages throughout your site.

Clickbank As A Source of Passive Income

There are many sources of passive income. Some you are familiar with are: real estate, stock dividends, bonds, interest on checking just to name a few. But to build substantive income from these sources requires a large principle or financing in the case of real estate. Most of these options are out of reach of most people but there are other choices.

What this blog will discuss step by step is how to build passive income. With just a few bucks and some hard work you can have a substantive income online from

So What Is Clickbank?

Clickbank is a marketplace of digital online products. These products are ebooks ( “electronic books”) developed by writers targeting specific niches.

Essentially clickbank is the broker between the ebook vendors and product affiliates (that’s you). Vendors place their products on the site and share a portion of the revenue with affiliates. In most cases your share of revenue is 60%-75% so it gives you the incentive to promote their product.

What Are These Ebooks About?

There are hundreds of niches Clickbank ebooks cover. Some of these include Weight Loss, Health and Fitness,  Parenting and Families, Self Help, Home and Garden just to name a few. Finance, Credit On Clickbank you will find products that are focused on a given niche.

How Do You Make Money With Clickbank?

As an affiliate you get the chance to choose the product you want to promote. After you have picked one, you setup up a website to promote it. If someone comes to your site to buy the product, Clickbank processes the order and later sends you a share of your portion of the sale.  That’s in a nutshell how it works.

But of course there is more to it than that and that’s what I’m going to be writing about.

My next post will take you through how to choose Clickbank products with Clickbank and research a given niche.

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