Traveling with my ROKU (Video) – LaGuardia Marriott

I visited New York city with my family and we checked in to the the LaGuardia Marriott. The TV setup was a little different there and I don’t think you will see this setup ever again since my guess it will be phased out.

But since I am trying to help you use your ROKU in any hotel I thought I would come up with a solution which I will show you how to do and I even shot a video on how I did it.

The setup

The TV monitor had a cable harness coming out of the back of the TV and you couldn’t get access to any of the connectors ¬†on back of the TV like I had been able to do in the past. This harness went three feet and fed to an open panel which then let you plug in an HDMI cable, audio cable and VGA cable.

I guess this made things a little easy at first glance. I simply connect my ROKU to the HDMI and switch on the monitor and connect the ROKU to my HOOTOO Travelmate router and I’m up and running.

However, I noticed that I had picture but no sound. It seems this setup didn’t take the audio from the HDMI connector. So that clearly is a problem on their end. But they do let you have access to an audio input.

I know the ROKU remote has a headphone jack that contains audio so I bought a male to male audio cable from Radio Shack for $9.95 and tried it. Guess what? It worked!

Watch this video below to see how you can do it too. Once again this is a rare hotel setup and I wouldn’t worry about it. I did it so I could demonstrate how you have to find innovative solutions to use your ROKU in a hotel.