Traveling with My ROKU (Video)- Miami Marriot


travel suitcaseToday I’m traveling with my ROKU to Miami. It’s going to be another adventure in saving a bundle of money on family entertainment.

NOTE: If you plan to travel with your ROKU please do a practice run in configuring your HOOTOO Tripmate travel router using your home WIFI network first. In this way you’ll avoid any hassles in your hotel room. This also gives you a chance to save the Travel Router wireless preferences in your ROKU so its one less step when you get to your hotel. Reference my blog post on “Setting up your ROKU in a hotel

Packing Your ROKU

Before you leave with your ROKU make sure you have a bring the ROKU HDMI cable, ROKU remote control, ROKU device and an the ROKU power cord. I like to pack my ROKU in my carry on to prevent any potential theft. I like a longer cable since I don’t know how far the TV will be from an outlet. You can also pack an extension cable if you’re not sure.

My Trip Location

In this trip, I’m traveling to a Marriott property that currently uses LG TVs configured for Direct TV. When I looked in the back of the TV. I noticed that it did have a smaller telephone plug that was used for the game console.

In fact the RDP or network connector that was used in another stay was not used at all so I could freely change the input button for HDMI2 because HDMI 1 was already being used. If you read my previous post “Setting up your ROKU in a hotel” you know you have to unplug the network connector in the back of the TV so that you can change the TV input to the HDMI cable of your ROKU.

Everything went pretty smoothly on this visit but there was one hick up.
Now that I’m a pro at this it should go pretty smoothy. I did have trouble configuring the hotel wireless since the bandwidth was a little slow at 5mb/sec. but the ROKU buffers pretty far ahead so the connection problems were mitigated.

Checking out of the Hotel

Note: Make sure you absolutely put the TV back the way you found it. Remember to plug the network connector back in to the TV so hotel tech staff doesn’t have to get called.

Take a look at my ROKU travel videos:

If you have questions about my trip or how post your experiences please comment below.


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