How I dumped my cable company and saved $90/month

Cut the cable cord. Dump the box.
One of the reasons I dumped it because starting in August my cable provider says they’re going all digital with the industry standard. They tout the benefits of a channel guide with HD quality channels and parental controls. All you have to do is get your “mini box” to take full advantage of the new broadcast quality.

Translation… we’re going all digital so we can charge you for every TV in your house. The first 12 months is free but after that regular rates apply. They claim $1.99 per box but my feeling is this will be hiked up over time or charge more for a certain number of devices.

This also makes sure they can offer lower cost cable packages (dropping ESPN and BRAVO). Right now I receive all of the unencrypted channels even though I dropped my cable service. Beware, beware when the cable company says they’re making things better for you.


At long last I dropped my cable service. Here is the conversation with customer service:

Me: I would like to cancel TV service.

Them: Why are you canceling? Does it not work properly?

Me: No it works fine, the cost is too high

Them: Are you switching to another TV service provider?

Me: No, I’m using an antenna.

Them: Are you aware you’re losing channels?

Me: Yes

Them: Are you aware of other low cost packages available?

Me: Yes I know.

Them: I can offer you all channels of your previous package except ESPN and BRAVO for an extra $17/month

Me: I’ll pass this time.

Them: Are you sure, you’ve had service with us over 15 years.

Me: I know but I’m not interested. Where do I return the box?

Them: You can ship it or take it to a local Cox store. If you don’t return box after 10 days you be charged $240

Me: Ok thank you.


If you want to know how to save money on cable while watching most of your programming you can build an HD antenna for around $10 and pick up most of your programming supplemented with HULU or Netflix.