Traveling with Your ROKU

Welcome to my website. I started this site after bringing my ROKU along on a vacation trip with my family. The in room entertainment was limited and pricey. In fact some movies costs $15.

I thought connecting my ROKU to the hotel WIFI and to the room TV would be easy. Boy was I wrong. There were significant challenges to connect to the WIFI and even more connecting to the various hotel TV configurations.

But I persisted and I figured out how to do it and then share it with you. Please comment if you have questions but even better share your experiences traveling with your ROKU.





2 thoughts on “Traveling with Your ROKU

  1. I have a Roku 2, a Galaxy smartphone, and an iPad 3. The Roku works fine (in my hotel), but the Roku app on my smartphone and my iPad is unable to see the Roku, even though all devices are on the same network and I type in the IP. What do I need to do?i don’t have a laptop to travel with. This also happened with Apple TV.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Susan thanks for bringing this up. I’ll have to try this at home and see if I can get it to work and get back to you. I’ve used the iPad and my phone to log into the hotel WIFI before.

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