Traveling with my ROKU (Video) – Residence Inn, Melbourne FL

I traveled with the family from Miami, FL to Melbourne, FL about a 3 hour drive away. I checked into the Melbourne Residence Inn. In the hotel room the setup was pretty simple with an LG flatscreen with an RF cable hookup and two HDMI inputs. The TV remote had an input selector that let you select between HDMI, cable, and composite inputs. This was a bit of twist since most TVs actually had the input button on the TV set.

Here is what the remote looked like:


Once I figured this out I connected the ROKU output to the HDMI 1 input and I was able select that on the remote. The HOOTOO was already a preferred setting in the ROKU so there was no problem in setting that up. I logged into the network through the HOOTOO Tripmate Travel Router and I was up and running on Netflix.

The one thing I’ve learned this trip has been to always remember that each hotel setup is slightly different and to remember to take a look at my post on How Connect Your ROKU to Hotel WIFI. It covers how to connect your ROKU to your hotel TV and WIFI.

Here is the video of how I set up my ROKU at the Residence Inn.

Take a look at my other video travels with my ROKU.

Share your stories of traveling with your ROKU or if you have any questions for me please ask I can help.


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