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Unemployed? How Can You Make Passive Income Online

Many of my friends have lost their jobs during the downturn in the economy.

For those who have been looking for a new job it’s been almost impossible to find work with so many people vying for the same job. I posted a part time job for my business and I received 240 applicants!

My friends have shared some gut wrenching stories. One close friend had lost his job, and after two years of unemployment benefits exhausted, he lost his marriage and just recently lost his home. To make matters all the worst, his mother is suffering from early alzheimer’s. I feel for him.  I always tell him that if he ever wants to talk to please call me anytime. This blog is dedicated to him.

Being Out of Work Is A Good Opportunity To Explore New Income Sources

Losing your job and being unemployed can be a overwhelmingly negative experience. At times there is a tendency to let these feelings fuel negative thinking.  Instead this is an opportunity to explore how to build a different life for you and your family.

So while you are watching daytime TV waiting for the the next interview why not create a source of income from something you love. After all, with just a computer you’re using now and little time and determination you can get there.

Read This Blog So You Can Build Your Passive Income

Over the next several months I will be showing you exactly how to build a passive income from your computer. I won’t charge you how to do it. All that I ask is you follow the steps in my blog to make it happen for your self.

What my wish and hope is you will be so successful you will never have to go back to work again unless you want to.

So over this year I will be writing and showing you how to build a passive income on the cheap while you sit at home and think about your future. In fact, my goal is to enable several of my friends to build businesses that make them $2k-$3k per month. Now you won’t get rich from this but you could if you continue to build from this point on.

So take that journey with me and you will never look back again!