Traveling with my ROKU Holiday Inn – Nashville Airport

Our flight from LaGuardia had mechanical problems so instead of heading home to Orange County we had to spend a night in Nashville after a missed connection. Bad for me but good for you; because I have an extra entry in my ROKU travel log.lodgenet

Thanks to a free night of lodging courtesy of American Airlines you’re going to know how to connect your ROKU on your next Holiday Inn visit.


After checking in to the room, I noticed it used the Lodgenet system.  If you remember you can tell right away because the remote says Lodgenet. In my post How to Use Your ROKU using your Hotel WIFI and TV.


As you know from reading this last post the video input source  is disabled. It accomplishes this by a small telephone like connector cable to the back of the TV . The first step is to unplug this cable (but remember to put it back when you checkout).

First you have to find where the HDMI inputs are,  second you have to select the video source.

Configuring the Hotel TV for your ROKU

In my previous blog post I talked about two steps to take to configure your ROKU with your hotel TV: First you have to find where the HDMI inputs are,  second you have to select the video source.  I was able to find the HDMI connectors easily. They are located on the right side and one in the back.


“First you have to find where the HDMI inputs are, second you have to select the video source.”


Next I had to find out how this TV selected the video source. I searched all around the TV and couldn’t find any buttons. There were none on the remote since Lodgenet doesn’t have a source button.

I was getting a little scared because I’ve never been stumped before.


So I looked on the back of TV for the model number and found it was a Samsung LN32D467. I Googled it and found a manual I could download. According to the manual, there were three little touch bumps on the front panel.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 9.58.18 PM

I could hardly see them but I could feel them. After a few minutes, I found the right one and presto my ROKU was showing the home screen!


I configured my ROKU to use the HOOTOO Tripmate Travel Router as the wireless source and then logged into the hotel’s wireless network using my laptop. I was running Netflix a few minutes later.


I hope this blogpost was helpful to you. I hope that you have learned that the most challenging part of traveling with your ROKU is configuring the TV. But with the help of these blog posts it will be easy after a while. if you are persistent and resourceful you can use your ROKU anywhere.


Got questions? I would love to help. Also please share your experiences or problems you have had traveling with your ROKU in the comments below. So far I’ve been able to configure my ROKU 6 out of 6 hotels I’ve stayed at.