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My 1st Clickbank Site

For two years now I’ve been experimenting with how to make a little passive income with Clickbank. My goals were to make about $150-$200 per month in my spare time. It would provide a little money to put away for my son’s college fund and for my Starbucks habit. So off I started with my first site.

My 1st Clickbank Site

I started out with one site built around a product that I really liked called the The 5  Minute Learning Machine. I actually bought the ebook product off of Clickbank for $24 and read it.

But since I’m not the best writer I had a friend write a 1 page (400 word) review on it. She ranked it for readability, what type of bonuses it had and most of all would it be helpful for the reader. By really helping the reader make a buy or pass decision was important.

I next chose a domain name. The one thing I learned was to choose a domain that has the name of the product followed by the word review. This was chosen because this is what people type in to google when they see something they want but they’re are not sure if it’s any good. So they type into Google name of the product followed by the word “review”.

So if you can reserve this name you get a leg up on the competition.

Visual Appearance

I then took a snapshot of the table of contents of the product manual. This allowed people to take a look at what they would be getting when they buy. I also used a star rating system and included a product snapshot of book cover. Also I included screen snapshots of the bonus products included in the package.

I then put the site up using WordPress and I put in the review as the first page with a few other articles on learning build with some of the other pages. Once everything was up and running I turned on the site. After 6 months this is what the site was earning.

As you can imagined I was quite impressed with this. But there was room for improvement which I’m going to share with you in my next post.

How To Move an Old Site To WordPress

As you know I have dozens of sites and most are coded in raw HTML back in the day when I created them. Now that WordPress has come along it offers a compelling case to convert these sites over. Here are a few of them:

1) WordPress makes it easy to update content and add content as needed without the use of conventional layout packages such as Dreamweaver and NVU.

2)There are many widgets and plug-ins that make it easy to port your site over to wordpress from a fixed url site.

How to get started.

The first step in converting an old HTML site to WordPress is the get a listing of all of the files on the current site. So for example, if you have a site with five pages then list out like this:





Next you want to open up each of these files and copy the content (not menu or navigational content).

Create a new page under the Dashboard menu of wordpress.

Name the page so that its permalink matches the old page. So for example number one might be widgets-to-buy.

Save that page and start again until all of the pages are complete. Add the new address of the redirected page beneath the page in the list so it will look like this.


After the pages are all added the next step is to add in 301 redirects so you can redirect traffic from the old pages to the new wordpress pages. I download the “simple 301” redirect plugin for wordpress.

What you do here is for each page add on the left part of the menu


Just repeat this for each page and soon your site will be ported over.

Navigational Elements

Now that all the pages have been imported, the next step is to add a navigational menu or sidebar. I recommend using a menu and this makes it easy to add drop down menus to your site so that people can get to the areas of your site.

This is done in the “Appearance” section of the site and under menus. I’ll talk about that a little later.

Moving My Sites from Godaddy to Hostgator

The downside about having so many sites, up to 22 right now is you have them spread over so many hosts. Keeping some sites on their own C block addresses are helpful to add links to my other sites in my network. However the big problems is you have to deal with so many different hosting panels or cpanels.

So this week I single handedly moved 14 sites over to Hostgator which I just love for the fact that I can have an unlimited number of domains and a large number of databases. Plus some of my sites where coded up in hard HTML and I really wanted to port them over to wordpress.

I was spending about $65 per month to host come sites on Godaddy through a number of plans and I just got tired of having to keep track of them all. As of now I have these sites on two business hosting accounts that I can add more sites as I grow. The other benefit hostgator uses a slick cpanel interface making it a snap to run my business.

I still hold my domains at Godaddy but I just had too many hassles at Godaddy for hosting.


Since most of my sites where hard coded years ago in HTML I switched everything over to WordPress so that it makes it easier to manage my content on all the pages. The only thing I had to do was to redirect the old pages to the new wordpress pages.  I use what is called a 301 redirect which tells google and other search engines that the page has moved permantely to the new wordpress page. It’s done through the .htaccess file located in the root of the your site. Once you do that then you can efficiently add more content to your site without the hassle of modifying pages throughout your site.